Sitting here at home watching the game and thought I should drop this one on here. Enjoy.


as the world turns, imma turn with it / 2 in the morning awake with blurred vision / haven’t seen any sleep plus the liquor in my system got me stuck / one more swig, now I’m really fucked up / just another night tryna to cope with life and all it’s stress / I swear to Christ I need to find a way up out this mess / im still in debt and my checks ain’t equivalent to shit / glasses up to that 8 hour shift / blue collar sweat working hard with my head low / beat bumping in the back penning with my mental / as I plot my escape route the time passes quickly / life of an artist lost in a big city / where dreams could be crushed just as soon you make them / competitions cut throat consumed by their hatred / me. I keep pacing, recognize placement, never shake hands with the devils two faces   

(New WEEKLY6TEEN coming soon!)


I need sleep.

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    this guy. …. has skill.
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    Last reup for those who have yet to peep the steelo.
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    I look up to this dude. Not only with music, but as a big brother. Got to spend good quality time with him a couple of...
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    the homie steve though
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