1 Train (ASAP Rocky Remix) - Viberoc (beat remade by “fxckFADED" on YouTube)

Haven’t dropped something in a while…but when I heard “1 Train” off of ASAP Rocky’s new project…I had to get on it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original beat…so I just chose the best remake of it and did my thing. You know how I get down…enjoy…if you dig it…spread the word! One.



sucka mc’s suck on testes the way they flex these rhymes fake ballin they ain’t no where near an ESPY / I bless these flows like water I’m on a jet ski / check the ref please, they hate it when I let my tech squeeze / and when I say tech I mean technique, hatori hanzo delivery with words itll make your neck bleed / your girl want the D while on E…she want to F me / but you ain’t tryna hear me though, I’m guessing that’s what “DEF" means / proficient with my weaponry, moving like a chess piece / broad swords like guillotines imma let the rest sleep / its easy demolish syllables so effortlessly / descendants of the underground, they will never get me / a metaphor sensei, i’ve been a force since day / one, as I run with the torch I’ll let my pen slay / i aint fucking with these kids, I don’t go to Penn State / a microphone vandal with a pocket full of been paid / lot of y’all are bitch made, posing like some models / in the studio taking shaft down to your tonsils / shit I be kicking bars hard like I’m tong po / fucking every sample up like a trip to cost co / bullseye with it playing quidditch with long bow / riddick bowe punches raining down grab a pancho / a cross face crippler squeezing like anacondas / the oxygen leaving bodies the way that I speak it proper / in amazement, smoking every track leaving chemtrails / rappers claiming to be hot, muthafucka I’ve been hell / fire burning blazing round a circle intelligence / meddling, be more menacing than ten Dennis’s / excellence, rhyming with a collar popping confidence / I’m ric flair strutting right across the face of novices / the audience, finally acknowledging my awesomeness / and if not, they could go and kick rocks and call it quits. Bitch.

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    Ahah, for how gay this is, it’s not too bad. I kinda dig it.
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