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Just had to get some stuff off my chest (hence the name). Just me ranting.

Lyrics: Yo honestly its hard to keep it level headed / when I feel that I’m iller than most these rappers getting breaded / shits pathetic, sick to my stomach, go call a medic / fuck it, im putting in hella work like some extra credit  / hustlin, just to get by, enough to pay the bills off / writing up on some thin lines / praying i hit the hill tops / gripping my pen, like money need to come a lot quicker / but until then im copping with these shots of liquor / time is ticking, not gettin any younger bro / constantly on the boarder line between paid and broke / watching these fake bitches dance around my TV screen / while im at home slaving over lyrics chasing dreams / thinking, is this a way for me to make it / should I put aside my pride and change for sake of entertainment / should i glamorize the money, cars, expensive chains and bracelets / and join the degradation of women just to be famous / asking myself questions like that one lebron commercial / would my decisions allow me to get beyond these hurdles / Im not a fucking a clairvoyant, but i know that / taking an easy route would only mean I fell into the circle / of shitty rhymes, shitty hooks, and shitty beats / when I should be more concerned about life on my city streets / helping my fellow man with some shelter and food to eat / uplifting communities  with every verse i choose to speak / but  i dont slang, pimp hoes, or been incarcerated / so in their eyes my raps purpose has no validation / make up this fantasy with no accountability / manipulate the masses to buy right into their fascination / go ahead you could all say that I’m hating / I guess thats what its called for putting truth inside my statements / spit it for you raw to judge kinda like perry mason / come out with the verdict like dog hes never faking / and why would i? moms didnt raise a fool / she said son, education isnt only learned in school / so I took that lessened the weight up inside my book bag / knowledge like a scholar but only a high school grad / not embarrassed though, I’m still up on my cash grind / and ill take care of those who helped me through some bad times / its all apparent you dont really got to ask why / I’m spitting cause i love it, while yall do it for a past time


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    Just in cast you missed it from last night…a video of me venting some frustrations I have. Thank you to everyone who did...
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    Viberoc goes in and vents a few frustrations out.
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    big brotha steve went in man.
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    There you go. Keep it provoking. WE ARE DANGEROUS MEN.
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    Support thy brethren, Steve be spittin that fuego!
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    Vibroc speaks the Truth
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    good shit fam!!
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    Lines were too amazing.